Ben Riddell

Founder / Technician

Wickford Garage 4 years
White House Service Station (brentwood) 2 years
Heath Park Peugeot Heath Park Romford 7 years
Dunton Research Center 3 years
Hanningfield Motor company 2003 – Present

Favourite mechanical widget: A Spandangler

Hero: Valentino Rossi

Famous saying: "Hello Dave...!"

Favourite biscuit: Jammie Dodger

Super power: Can wheelie a motorcycle with one hand

John Crome

Founder / Technician

Motor Motion  4 years
White Service Station 7 years
BTS service station 5
Hanningfield Motors since 2003 – Present

Favourite mechanical widget: Battery Ratchet

Hero: Max Verstappen

Famous saying: Car Park is Rammed!

Favourite biscuit: Chocolate Hobnob

Super power: Being a dad of Two girls

Sue Crome

Customer Services

Air UK 2 years
Britannia Airways 12 years
Hanningfield Motors since 2004
Sue-perb cakes since 2013

Favourite mechanical widget: Cake Mixer

Hero: Paul Hollywood & Jon Albon

Famous saying: Coffee, Milk no sugar please

Favourite biscuit: Ginger Nut

Super power: Completing 'World Championship Obstacle Race' for Team UK

Hannah Lepley

Customer Services

The Art Shop Loughton – 1998 till 2012
Pronuptia Wedding Dresses – 2012 till 2015
Southend Hospital and Hanningfield Motors – 2015 till Present

Favourite mechanical widget: Cork Screw

Hero: Judge Judy

Famous saying: Pub?

Favourite biscuit: Fox's Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Super power: Never washing her car

Norman Bacon

He was avid flyer, used to fly small aircraft from southend and is into classic cars in a big way. He owns a 1968 Daimler he lives in wickford and is always polishing it!

Favourite mechanical widget: Gigglepin

Hero: James Hunt

Famous saying: That'll Start

Favourite biscuit: Custard Cream

Super power: Tidying Up

Josh Harrington

Senior Technician
Our Irish Branch of the firm

Extremely helpful , loves his music from Earth Wind and Fire to the heavier bands of which most people haven’t heard of. Loves the odd track day, especially with his friend in his John Cooper Works Mini.

Favourite mechanical widget: Soldering Iron

Hero: Andy Samberg

Famous saying: 'I should not of said that'

Favourite biscuit: Chocolate Hobnob

Super power: Consuming 10 pints of Tea a day