Servicing your vehicle can vary depending on which garage you go to, and can also vary in prices. Here at Hanningfield Motors, you are guaranteed the service you ask for. Be it Petrol, diesel, or even hybrid engines; you are guaranteed to get the requirements for your vehicle.

We can also service new vehicles when they are under warranty. For these vehicles we use Manufacturer parts and lubricants to conform with the manufacturer’s specification.

We only use high quality oils for all ranges of vehicle. With the ‘Low Ash’ content of this oil, it is very important to use this as it can affect the engines performance, especially in modern vehicles with ‘Diesel Particulate Filters’ (DPF), or the Eco friendly ‘Ford Eco-boost’.

Want to know how much a service will cost for your vehicle? Call us and one of our receptionists or technicians will provide a quotation for you.

Service booklets can also be purchased from our reception to keep your records up to date. Be it if you have filled your original booklet or have misplaced it, ask one of our members of staff for more information.